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New Motorola RM16M with a 
(Almost New) Glenyare Numeric Mailbox 
Best Offer
Motorola Terminal Unit UDS Modems Mfr P/N RM16M
We recently acquired this Motorola RM16M Data Shelf Rack with power supply and modems along with a Glenayre Electronics Numeric Mailbox from a company going out of business. It was shipped to them from a company in Canada and has been in storage for several years. Our company normally doesn't work with this particular product, but we would like to find someone who might be able to put it to work - or use it for spare parts.

If you are interested - or have any questions about this Motorola RM16M Data Shelf Rack, Power Supply, V.3225 Modems, or the Glenayre Electronics Numeric Mailbox, please contact us.
Numeric Mailbox includes: 48V Power Supply; CPU-302 8MB; Switch & Clock; 8M RAM; EN DIS Watchdog; 2) SIO; SCSI-2; Dual 270MB w. Drive A / Drive B; 4) QVSB; CPT; 
DT-DSI; and a 3.5 Floppy Drive.
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