Last night I got a call from your dispatch center – they were notifying me that my neighbor's burglar alarm just went off. He was so calm, personable, and professional in helping me deal with the sudden shock that something bad might be happening yards from my house.

I went next door to discover his back door hanging open, but no sign of any intruder.

What a really great feeling to know our homes are being watched over. Even though there was no bad-guy to encounter, it is nice to know that we will get a call from someone who cares who will let us know something is not right at our house.

You at Central Systems are much appreciated. ​
J.M., Oklahoma City, OK
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Central Systems, Inc. - 1937 S. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK  73108
We appreciate the excellent services we have received from Central Systems ... Your are a top notch company with employees who know what they are tasked to do, but even more importantly, always go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service.

Please know that there are many people who depend on you for your quality services and are grateful for your presence!

B. & E. S., Edmond, OK
My neighborhood is changing - and not for the better. More and more I find myself using my security system and I do thank you so much for the quality and compassion shown to me by your staff.

E. P., Oklahoma City, OK
Many thanks for the outstanding quality of your equipment and service. When we built the center, we contracted 100% of our electronic systems with your firm, and we're extremely happy we did. As we talk with other business owners who have put up with all kinds of problems with telephones and security equipment, your almost total maintenance free record is remarkable!

Closed Circity Video system for our jewelry showroom: Cameras and monitors work flawlessly. Never even needed a service call.

Central Burglar Alarm system: Your completed AA protection with UL certificates has cut my insurance rates.

Telephone system: Works perfectly. Your installation price was less than other quotes.

Central Fire Alarm system: Excellent price. Never a malfunction.

Stan, we have them all, and recommend you highly. Have your prospective clients call!

J. T., Oklahoma City, OK
This letter is to inform you of our appreciation for the technical quality and prompt service your company provides for the ___ District Alarm Systems. The quality of workmanship in the installation of the system in each of our buildings is excellent. We look forward to continuing our working relationship and maintaining the monitoring service with your company.

M. W., Oklahoma City, OK
I have recently changed positions in our company and am no longer manager at ___ Cancer Treatment Center ... The purpose of this note is to tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with your company. Assistance and advice is available. In preparation for the new manager, I decided to clean up our access codes and names. This was a bigger project than I anticipated and lots of work for your employee. ____ was a huge help in this project and worked hard to get the update completed. She is frequently my contact and is aways cheerful, patient and kind. She is an asset to your company.

I just wanted you to know. I thank you for a great company.
L. M., Oklahoma City, OK
I have appreciated doing business with your company very much. Your company has done a good job for me during the last year and a half and I have recommended you to the new owners of the property.

W. E., Edmond, OK
Thank you for finishing our sound system yesterday. __ and I really appreciate your company and the work you did on our home. All of the employees have been courteous and very easy to work with. The thing that stands out the most about you and Central Systems is that you do what you say you will do. If you said you would be out, you were, but if you could not make it, you called to tell us. Believe me, it was our experience that that was the exception and not the rule for most of the other companies we dealt with on our home. We appreciate that hand have told others about you.

Thank you again and we look forward to doing business with you for many years.

M. B., Oklahoma City, OK   
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Thank you so much !!! Your business employees are very friendly and willing to help in every way. God bless you all!
P. F., Perkins, OK
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